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Wild & Grizzly VonShef Max Fruit Juicer Review

Wild & Grizzly food blogger spent the weekend trying out the VonShef Max Fruit Juicer. Here’s her juicing experience plus a super green juice recipe.  

Wild&Grizzly Banner


So we've all see those pictures on Instagram of glasses filled to the brim with green, and I'd always wondered what on earth was in it. I knew it was healthy and full of goodness but I'd never really tried one, preferring a fruit smoothie instead with its inviting berry hue.

So when I was asked whether I would like to try a VonShef 990W Max Fruit Juicer it seemed to slot right into my get fit health kick for 2015 and I readily went and bought a box full of fruit and veg to fill myself with goodness. On first impressions the VonShelf juicer looks great and it's not big like most juicing machines, which is handy as storage space in our kitchen is limited, plus it's a great price.

So after looking on Pinterest for different green juice recipes for inspiration I decided to wing it and create my own, something full of goodness but also naturally sweet tasting so F would enjoy it too. We set the juicer up on the kitchen counter and got started. I made sure that I cut any larger pieces of fruit into smaller pieces and cut of any stalks, and couldn't believe how simple it was to use. You put fruit in and juice comes out into the jug, et viola. Health in a glass.

It does take quite a lot of fruit and veg to get a decent glass of goodness, so I can see this being a slightly pricey option, however by shopping at our local independent grocer I can pick up a crate of fruit and veg for £15 which is about half the price of a supermarket chain, making this a more affordable health choice.

Once you've juiced the machine comes to pieces easily for cleaning, with some parts dishwasher safe making it that much more convenient, and the remaining pulp is easy to dispose of. I even used a small disposable bag tucked into the fruit pulp holder, which you can then just lift out with everything inside and throw away. I found this juicer so easy to use, easy to clean with no real faff and it makes quick great health drinks.

So there it is, another small change I've made this year in my bid to get fit I'm starting my day with a healthy juice which F also enjoys, and I'm secretly smug as he happily drinks spinach and other leafy goodness all before 8am.

To make your super green juice you'll need:

100g of baby spinach
2 red apples
3 pears
1 stick of celery
½ a punnet of blueberries

Juice each one remembering to cut off the stalks and half the apples, pears and celery before adding. If you're going to use lemons, oranges or limes remember to cut off all the zest and pith as this will make your juice taste bitter. Now all you need to do is pour it into a glass and enjoy. I've had helpful comments since on Instagram suggesting I try and add coconut milk or almond milk, which I can't wait to try.

I'm officially hooked on the green stuff and the best thing is there are so many great combinations to try and once you become accustomed to the taste you can reduce the amount of fruit in your juice, which in turn reduces the amount of sugar. Now I just need a great juicing recipe book, have you got any you would recommend?

For the full post, visit the Wild & Grizzly blog here.

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