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VonShef Max Fruit Juicer: Annie’s Noms Review

Baking blogger Annie’s Noms blends up a delicious juice and reviews the VonShef Max. Fruit Juicer. Here are her thoughts…

Annie's Noms Pineapple Juice

Today, we are talking juice, Orange, Mango and Pineapple Juice to be exact. I worked with DOMU Brands last year, so when they contacted me to review their VonShef juicer, I had to agree!

I’ve been looking at juicers for a while; I love juice and I love putting good for you, delicious things into my body. As a baker, I make an awful lot of cake, so I feel the need to balance all those bad things out with good!!

I know there are a ton of Juice diets around at the moment and whilst I’m not following any of them, I still want to be able to make my own fresh juice as I find that shop bought juices have loads of added sugar etc.

The VonShef Juicer is super powerful (990 watts) and has a large opening to put your fruits/vegetables in – 7.5cm wide!

It also has 2 speed settings. For my juice, I used the lower setting and it was still incredibly powerful!

It uses a centrifugal, stainless steel blade which is great – when putting all my fruits in, it NEVER felt/sounded like it was struggling – it just sucked my fruits right up and gave me gorgeous, sunshine coloured juice. :)

The centrifugal blade means that it spins very fast and cuts the fruit up, while spinning to separate the pulp from the juice – if you looked at the blade you’d see it looks a bit like a sieve, this is so the juice can go through into your container and the pulp is discarded.

I don’t know about you, but I never quite know how much juice I’ll actually end up with, but with the VonShef juicer I ended up with hardly any pulp and A LOT of juice!

Another plus? All the parts are dishwasher safe which makes cleaning up a cinch. That is one of the negatives I’ve had in the past because I HATE washing up and mess!

I took their tip in the instruction manual to put a bag into the pulp container, so that I could just lift it straight out and not have to wash it out – this worked great. We get those bio-degradable food bags here, so I just used on of them and it fitted perfectly!

I’m sure small bin liners or large food bags would work too – it certainly makes life easier!

Now, let’s talk about taste. I didn’t add anything else to my juice other than the three fruits. No sugar, no sweetener, nothing. It was SO good! It tasted so fresh, sweet and a little tart with the orange.

The mango adds sweetness to the orange and pineapple and isn’t overpowering. I think with just orange and pineapple this juice could have been a little tart, but the mango just perfected it!

In terms of prep, I peeled the oranges, then they were able to go in whole. For the mango, I used smaller chunks, but this was only because it was easier to cut it up – much larger pieces would have fit right in the top of the juicer.

Then we have the pineapple – I know you can get gadgets to cut your pineapple up, but I went old school and used a knife. Then it was straight into the juicer. All in all it took under 10 minutes to have a fresh, delicious glass of juice, which I think is pretty good!

So, if you’re looking for a well-priced, super powerful, easy to clean juicer, then the VonShef juicer could be the one for you!

Orange, Mango and Pineapple Juice

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 9 minutes

Yield: 1 large or 2 small glasses

This Orange, Mango and Pineapple Juice is super quick to make in your juicer and packs a flavour punch. It's also jam packed with Vitamin C - the perfect healthy juice to help you ward of winter colds!


2 oranges
½ a large pineapple
1 large mango


Peel the oranges and discard the skin.

Slice the pineapple in half (save one half for another time) then stand your half pineapple upright. Slice the skin off, following the contours of the pineapple. Slice your pineapple into 2-4 large pieces, depending on how big it is, so that it will fit into the juicer.

For the mango: slice ½ inch from the centre of your mango, on the right and left side. Then take the thin slice from the middle and slice each side off, leaving the very middle as it's the hard core of the mango

Take your two halves of mango and score diagonally across each one, then press through from the skin side to make your chunks stand out. Trim/slice each chunk off and discard the skin.

Push all your fruit through your juicer, take the jug of fresh juice, stir briefly, then serve immediately.

Juice is best served fresh.

For the full post, visit Annie’s Noms blog.

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