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VonShef Air-Fried Chicken

Gaby, a health conscious, fried chicken addict, tests out a Hemsley + Hemsley recipe in the VonShef Air Fryer. Can air fried chicken taste as good as the real Kentucky Fried thing? Here's how she got on... 

VonShef Health Fryer: KFC Chicken

I made Pablo’s Chicken which is a healthy take on Kentucky Fried Chicken. I’m trying to cut down on the amount of oil and fat in my diet – so this was perfect for me.

The air fryer claims that it requires as little as one spoonful of oil to cook dishes like sweet potato fries, so I wanted to try it for myself. I eat a lot of oil-heavy dishes and liked the sound of using the air fryer for lightening up my meals.

The recipe calls for skinless and boneless chicken thighs, which are not only really cheap, but nice and low fat. The batter has a mixture of lots of dried herbs (you can use whatever you have in the cupboard) and spices. The key ingredient for getting the chicken nice and crispy is ground almonds, rather than flour.

The recipe was super easy and quick to do. The cooking time required was much quicker than oven cooking times – and the chicken tasted incredible. It didn’t have time to dry out like it would have in the oven. The battered outside was perfectly crispy and the inside was juicy and tender.

Plus, it didn’t have the oil coming out when I cut into it, that other fried chicken would. It was much crispier than regular fried chicken, even though there is no oil involved. It proved to me that things don’t need to be deep fried to crisp up. I cooked the sweet potato fries in there too and they were excellent and crisp.

It’s great to have found a ‘healthy substitute’ that not only works and tastes way better than the real thing, but also that doesn’t require loads of unusual and hard to find ingredients.

The VonShef Air Fryer was so simple to use – and very easy to clean. It looks a bit like a crash helmet, but is surprisingly light. It’s quite bulky but easy enough to store away in a large cupboard.

Overall, I was really impressed. This dish tasted wonderful – similar to KFC but much more delicious. There’s no need to spend a small fortune on greasy fast food like that, when you can make a much cheaper, much healthier version of it in so little time. I won’t be buying fried chicken from anywhere, but making it myself from now on.

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