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The Usual Saucepans VonShef Mini Stand Mixer Review

Foodie blogger and Great British Bake Off lover (aren’t we all?), The Usual Saucepans, mixes it up with the VonShef Mini Stand Mixer. Here’s how she got on…

The Usual Saucepans


Can we all agree something now – baking and cooking equipment, like cookbooks, is highly addictive? Does anyone else really enjoy getting new kitchen gadgets? I certainly do.

Recently I was asked to write a review for – an online homeware retailer, with a not insubstantial amount of kitchenware (‘Like John Lewis, but a fraction of the price’ as their email to me put it). To use the Mini Stand Mixer that they are featuring in their To The Rescue Christmas campaign in my kitchen and let you guys know about it.

Having spent the latter part of summer and into autumn gazing fondly at the pastel-coloured bakeware used on The Great British Bake Off, I’ve been looking at getting a stand mixer for a while so when I was asked to review the VonShef mini stand mixer I thought it would be a great idea.

The big brand stand mixers look wonderful but given that they cost a couple of hundred pounds I feel it’s not really an investment I’m not going to make at any point soon. Conveniently Domu’s version (according to their website) is currently retailing at a few pence below £60. For someone like me who loves baking but has limited space in the kitchen and doesn’t bake all the time this seems much more affordable.

What’s in the box then? Well, it’s a 4 litre metal bowl (I think the moniker of ‘mini’ that’s been attached to it is a little misleading) with a selection of easily attachable mixing blades – a regular paddle, a whisk and dough hooks – and then the stand itself, a large two-tone red and white mixing stand with a light up, six speed dial and an additional pulse setting. Why it lights up is a bit of a mystery to me – surely there’s a pretty obvious sign of whether it’s working or not? – but it’s fun and I think the addition of little suckers on the bottom to stop it sliding around are a good feature.

The recipe I made with it was my recent Festive Amaretto Gingerbread, the batter of which required mixing thoroughly to get the flour incorporated into the liquid ingredients – a perfect test for the regular blade.

How did it fair? Very well, it has to be said. The flour was pretty quickly stirred into the liquids and there were no lumps to be seen. If it has one draw back it is the noise. For someone who’s used to having music on (often accompanied with my inability to sing) and little more than the sound of the fan in the oven and the scraping of a wooden spoon, this was a bit of an unwelcome surprise. The mechanical sounds were a bit annoying and would grate a little if it was on for a long time, but realistically I guess there will always be noise with something like this.

So what’s the verdict then? Well, looks wise it’s not the sleekest mixer I’ve seen and the noise was a bit off putting, but on the whole it worked well. Given the price point it’s not really fair to compare this to the top of the range models we see on TV (although it’s almost inevitable that we’re going to), but what you get for the money is good. If like me you don’t use it every day and can think of a lot of things to do with the £180 more you could be spending on a mixer, then this is a good option.

If you’re into your home and garden then it’s also worth checking out Domu’s website, it’s got every kitchen implement you could possibly need this Christmas, and much more besides.

Want to read the blog post in full? Visit The Usual Saucepans blog

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