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Top 10 Baking Hacks for a Better Bake

New Year, new baking resolutions. We've compiled our top ten favorite cheat sheet hacks, to help you achieve your best bake yet.

1. Want a flawless cake? Measure your flour properly.

Seems silly but spoon your flour into a dry measuring cup, the scrape off the excess off with a knife. Scooping from a bag causes the flour to become compressed, often giving you more than you bargained for.

2. Struggling to decorate your cake? Grab a cookie cutter.

Place the decorative cutter onto the finished iced cake. Fill the cookie cutter with enough sprinkles (or whatever takes your fancy) to cover the icing on the cake, gently pressing them in to prevent spilling when the cookie cutter is removed. The result? Perfectly shaped decorating every time.

3. Broken Whisk? Grab a mason jar and whip that cream.

Not just for hipster cocktails or freak shakes, Mason Jars are also dab handy if your whisk breaks. Simply add whipping cream to a mason jar, lid on and then “shake it like a polaroid picture” – instant whipped cream.

4. Tired of post brownie clear up? Reach of grease proof paper.

Line your baking dish with foil or grease proof paper, then lightly butter. You’re welcome.

5. Got some stray egg shells in your dish?

Wet your finger and place it near the shell. It will slowly work its way over to you and make it easier to lift out (remember to wash finger after).

6. Create cake layers with dental floss. Seriously.

One of our favourite tips. If you need to cut your cake into two halves to create layers then reach for the bathroom cupboard. Wrap the floss around the cake, pulling each end out and away from the cake. Simply move the floss side-to-side to cut through the cake – we’d recommend avoiding the mint flavoured floss.

7. Soften brown sugar in seconds.

Place your brown sugar in the microwave, cover with wet kitchen roll and microwave for around 20 seconds. Boom. Soft Sugar.

8. Rid yourself of air pockets in cake.

There’s nothing worse than hard earned bake that’s full of pesky air pockets. To avoid, after you’ve filled your cake tin, drop it onto the kitchen top a few times. Not only will it release the air bubbles and start to rise – allowing it to bake more consistently but it will also help bust any stress too!

9.Test your baking soda.

Little odd, but baking soda does indeed ‘go off’. To ensure yours is the right side of perishing add a teaspoon to ½ a cup of water. If it doesn’t bubble it’s time to throw away.

10. Keep Your Cookies Moist Longer.

Store cookies with an apple slice or an orange peel. The cookie will absorb the moisture, keeping them softer, longer.

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