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Spring Cleaning: Scrimp or Splurge?

Mops, brushes, sponges, sprays: keeping your home spick and span can involve a myriad of cleaning ‘essentials’. But are they as indispensable as we’re made to believe?

With spring clean season in full swing, it’s time to start purging your home and removing the signs of a winter spent hibernating indoors.

Grab your marigolds and your best apron as we delve into the murky world of cleaning to discover which products are worth your money and which are a waste of time.

Cleaning up with Cupboard Essentials

Splurge: Steam Mop

Micro fibre mop had its day? Before you rush out to invest in a like for like replacement, consider that your average mop is the ideal breeding ground for all sorts of nasty bacteria. Upgrade to a steam mop which will zap 99% of bacteria lurking on floors, glass and worktops for a spotless clean.

Scrimp: New Shelving 

Trying to get rid of clutter? Struggling to part ways with clothing, shoes and the bits and bobs which are making your home look untidy? Before you fork out for expensive new shelving, try tackling clutter with vacuum storage bags. Capable of reducing the volume of stored items by a whopping 75%, simply fill, seal and store.

Splurge: Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

No spring clean is complete without tackling the dust and dirt which sets up shop on your floors. But is your current vacuum cleaner up to the job? Carpets might look clean to the naked eye, but remember: allergens, dust mites and micro particles cling to carpet fibres. Which is why it’s well worth spending a bit more on a super powerful cyclonic vacuum that will purify air as it’s freshening up your flooring.

Cleaning Genuis: Bicarbonate soda

Scrimp: Expensive Cleaning Products

Think twice before filling your trolley with fancy ‘miracle’ cleaning products in your local supermarket; it could be tantamount to throwing money down the drain. Kitchen cupboard favourites such as baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar will take your home from glum to gleaming without abusing your bank balance.

Splurge: Vacuum Sealing Bags

Kitchen cupboards a messy mish-mash of half eaten ingredients? Before you condemn them to the nearest bin, vacuum sealing could be your saviour. Fabulous for preserving food in the fridge freezer too, these handy little appliances are well worth the splurge.

Scrimp: Brushes & Scourers 

Under appliances, along skirting boards, between cupboards: you don’t need to fork out for expensive brushes or scourers. Tackle tricky nooks and crannies with an old toothbrush dipped in a mix of bicarbonate of soda and water for a thorough, fuss free clean. No frills round here!

Do you have a great cleaning tip? Tell us in the comments box below, or want to clean your kitchen in minutes (or put it off for a few more?) read our latest post on fuss-free cleaning.

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