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Souping: The Next Big Trend?

Step aside juicing, there’s a new trend on the block, and it’s gathering pace as we speak. Currently creating a serious buzz in the diet and health stratosphere, souping is apparently set to knock juicing off its perch. Soup makers are flying off the shelves, snapped up by savvy shoppers keen to see what all the fuss is about. A-listers are getting in on the act too; Gwyneth loves it and Jennifer Aniston’s a huge fan. If it’s good enough for the celebs…

Souing the next big trend 3

The Lowdown

What souping doesn’t involve: filling up on every can of Heinz you can get your hands on. It does, however, involve tucking into lots of super nutritious, homemade soups to up your vitamin and mineral intake - without ingesting all the added salt and sugar found in shop-bought versions.

On the face of it, it’s not too dissimilar to juicing – with the added bonus of giving you more of the filling fibre and nutrients found in veg. Souping lets you consume the whole fruit or vegetable – fibrous flesh, seeds, rind and all. Plus, you can add lots of different herbs and spices to give more flavour and variety.

Fad or Fab?

Souping isn’t a fad. Forget your cabbage soup diets and your baby food plans, souping is a way of life, not just for a week. Just like juicing, souping is a delicious way to get more vitamins and minerals in your daily diet - without a mammoth clean-up task.

Souping isn’t supposed to be used in place of lunch or dinner, rather as a supplement to your existing diet. One soup can give you two or more servings of your five a day; no wonder we’re all going bonkers for it.

Souping the next big trend 2

Make It or Fake It?

Soups are really easy to make – even for those more accustomed to getting theirs from a can. There’s no need to slave over a hob, painstakingly trying to achieve just the right consistency, or neatly chopping up veg. If you’ve got a soup maker just chop and chuck in (with a bit of water too).

When Can I Eat It?

When can’t you?! Try batch cooking soups over the weekend to see you through a week’s worth of lunches or quick snacks. Soups make the perfect starters – serve before your evening meal while you’re cooking up your main.

If you want a proper meal, pureed vegetables form the base of rich, creamy soups. For something a bit lighter, start with reduced sodium broth then add your veg.

Don’t stop at savoury: mix it up with fruit-based soups. Delicious served cold, they make a welcome change from veggie-based broths, especially when the weather’s warmer.

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