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Slow Cooker Caramelised Stuffed Apples

These slow cooker caramelised stuffed apples are super easy to make, warm and filling. Soft, flavoursome apple with caramelised cinnamon sugar and juicy sultanas – delicious on their own, even better with ice cream! Whip up for dessert or leave to cook overnight and indulge with a bowl of porridge instead.

Sugar, Cinnamon & Sultana Baked Apples


4 -5 baking apples (depending on the size of your slow cooker)
100g mixed raisins and sultanas
75g almond flakes
100g demerara sugar
80g butter
½ tsp cinnamon
½ tsp ground nutmeg



  1. In a small bowl mix together the brown sugar and cinnamon. Add the raisins, sultanas and flaked almonds and mix well
  2. Core each apple and slice a small ‘lid’ off the top. Place into the bowl of the slow cooker
  3. Carefully fill the core of each apple with the sugar-cinnamon mixture, ensuring they are filled all the way down, replace the apple ‘lid’
  4. Top each apple with a slice of butter and cook on low for 6-8 hours until the apples are tender
  5. Carefully remove the apples from the slow cooks and serve with vanilla ice cream


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