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Why You Shouldn't Buy a Stand-Mixer

The daddy of kitchen appliances, the crème de la crème of the countertop, the cooking companion to weekend baking, breads and cakes. We are, of course, referring to the stand mixer.

One of the most versatile appliances on the kitchen block, the talents of the stand mixer know no bounds. From a little light whisking, to a mixing marathon: stand mixers don’t mess about when it comes to usefulness.

All well and good but does owning a stand mixer have a dark side? Snap up a stand mixer and you may find yourself faced with these pesky little problems…

Why you shouldn't buy a stand mixer

Friends will pester you to get your bake on


Summer fairs, village f tes, office cake sales - all reasonable cause to bust out the stand mixer and get down to a spot of serious baking. What’s the problem? Your culinary creations certainly won’t go ignored by your friends and colleagues: you’ll find yourself bombarded for bakes.

You’ll buy loads of new cookbooks


Buy a stand mixer, and you’d better be prepared to buy a new book shelf. The prospect of creating so many new recipes will prove too much to resist, and you’ll find yourself in the throes of a serious cook book shopping addiction.

You’ll start baking your own breads

Forget the bulk-baked loaves on supermarket shelves, a stand mixer makes baking your own a breeze. It’s common knowledge that everyone loathes the pungent aroma of freshly baked bread. Do you really want to risk offending your nearest and dearest with lingering wafts of a homemade loaf?

Your cleaner could be out of a job


Dirty hand mixers, bowls, whisks, beaters and jugs, flour-splattered walls, sauce-stained surfaces - baking can be a very messy affair. Not when there’s a stand mixer in your midst.

Performing an impressive array of culinary tasks in just the one bowl, when you’re armed with a stand mixer, mess and muck are gone. They’ll be no sink under strain or a full kitchen clean down, just a couple of bits to wash up. In fact you might not need a cleaner at all.

You might need a new stress-reliever


Mashing potatoes, whipping up fluffy egg whites, mixing an irresistible cake batter: all pretty strenuous tasks, which can work wonders as a way to de-stress. Stand mixers take care of this elbow grease, so you’ll need a new way to unwind. Perhaps cake decoration?

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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