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Review: VonShef Multifunctional Soup Maker

First in the know about the latest restaurant launches and food trends, urban foodie Dean is keen to try out the different functions of a VonShef Soup Maker. Forgoing soup, Dean blends up a protein shake. Over to Dean…

Dean Soup Maker Review 3

I love food and have worked in catering in several different roles. However, I should probably have picked up a thing or two more along the way. I do enjoy cooking though, hence my constant ambition to do it a tad more often.

Well this particular soup maker prides itself on its versatility, so I wanted to see how it would fare making a protein shake smoothie.

I went for a strawberry and banana almond ice shake. The ingredients are:

  • 1 banana
  • 500ml of skimmed milk
  • 15 - 20 almonds
  • A handful of ice
  • A scoop of strawberry whey protein.

I went for this recipe because my current blender struggles a bit with ice and nuts, and I thought this more powerful machine would be up to the task. Which it was!

I found the machine extremely easy to use. Maybe there are a couple too many blending options for my untrained eyes but the machine itself was really simple to operate and the results were great.

Its two standout qualities for me were the size and power. It blitzed the ice and almonds without a problem and the size obviously means you could make a large batch to save for later. Unfortunately, all that power does come at a slight price. Like pretty much every blender, it’s quite noisy - although I would have been extremely impressed with a machine that could produce these results without blasting out some noise. It certainly didn’t put me off.

In terms of the look and feel. The styling is smart in its simplicity and smooth lines. All in all, I was definitely impressed.

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