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Review: VonShef 990W Max. Fruit Juicer

Voted by Great British Food Magazine as one of their Top Five Juicers on the market, the VonShef Max Fruit Juicer is one of our most popular products on Domu. But how would it fare when a seasoned juicer gave it a whirl?

Lee Power Juicer Review


Reviewer Lee is a self-confessed fitness and health fanatic. He’s tried out every new health food trends to find out whether they were fact or fiction. He’s been an active juicer for over 6 months and champions the health benefits of juicing. He’s been trialling the VonShef Max Fruit Juicer for the last few months…

I first found out about Juicing through the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead documentary. The film follows Joe Cross, an overweight, unhealthy American who’s apparently damaging his health with a poor diet and a range of medicine prescribed by his doctor. Over a period of 30 days Joe embarks on a 30 day juice diet, which results in huge weight loss and reduces his reliance on prescription drugs. Now whilst I take all these documentaries with a pinch of salt, I decided I’d try out “juicing” for myself.

To start my juicing test, I decided to purchase the VonShef 990w Power Juicer. The main reason I chose the juicer was down to the price, it’s a really cost effective juicer to get started with. There’s lots of other juicers on the market that are significantly more expensive, but they all seemed to do the same thing - juice. The juicer was also backed up with lots of positive reviews so I thought it was worth a go.

The juicer was easy to assemble, and I was up and running within a matter of minutes once I’d worked out how the parts clicked together, thanks to the instruction manual!

My first juice was:

4 carrots
1 courgette
2 handfuls of spinach
2 handfuls of kale

This made around 200ml of orange coloured juice, the recipe itself wasn’t the tastiest thing I’ve ever drank, so I decided to add a few tablespoons of lime juice to sweeten it up a bit.  My extra tip here, for an added health boost, is to add some supergreens powder, which contains super nutrients such as spirulina, alfalfa and wheatgrass.

The juicer was really fast, the large chute and speed of the juicer means that you add mostly whole fruits and vegetables, which reduces the preparation time. The two speed settings makes juicing tougher fruit and vegetables that little bit easier when pushed up to full power.

Lee Power Juicer Review 4

When juicing the carrots and courgettes, there seemed to be lots of juice that came out, due to the density of both of these vegetables. The spinach and kale yielded a much smaller amount of juice, and to get the full yield from green leafy veg a slow juicer is usually recommended. The waste product of juicing is the pulp which is conveniently pushed into a separate container. After juicing, the pulp still felt moist; but this seems to be the trade-off between the power juicer and the more expensive slow masticating juicers.

I certainly recommend cleaning the juicer straight after use, to avoid the waste pulp rotting and starting to smell. Washing the juicer is straight forward, the parts came apart easily and the brush that’s provided helps to get into the smaller nooks and corners of the each part. The design of the juicer means that there are a few small corners that will gather food if you don’t clean the juicer correctly, but overall the cleaning doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes.

I’ve been using my juicer for over 6 months and it’s still going strong. I feel that the added vitamin boost juicing provides gives me more energy throughout the day. I regularly use juicing as a healthy snack to supplement my daily food intake. Whilst I don’t fully agree with the juice-only diet (which Joe Cross did in his documentary), I can see that it can provide quick health benefits. For me, juicing belongs as part of a nutritionally balanced diet.

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