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Review: VonShef 12L Halogen Oven

Veggie Amy gave the VonShef 12L Halogen Oven a whirl. Here’s how she got on…  

Amy Review

I’m fairly confident in the kitchen, though I don’t really cook very much at all. I tend to look at recipes to get an idea of how to make something but end up altering it and doing my own thing. I never measure things! I like experimenting and coming up with different ideas.

I decided to make 3 different vegetarian dishes from the recipe book that came with it. I actually did follow the recipe on these to see how easy it was, and to make sure the recipes made sense.

Why did you want to try cooking with a Halogen Oven?

I’ve read a lot of reviews on the benefits of halogen ovens and liked the idea of it being faster than regular ovens. By the time I get home from work and cooked it’s usually quite late, especially if I don’t go straight home from work. So the speed appealed to me.

What recipes did you make?

I made spicy sweet potato wedges, sundried tomato bread and asparagus and halloumi salad. I picked 3 different dishes for the Hamlyn Cookbook (which comes free with the VonShef Halogen Oven) to test how the halogen oven faired on different types of food. I also thought they sounded really good. When I made them – they were all delicious.

How easy was each dish to make?

Really easy, the recipes were easy to follow. Except for a confusing moment when I mixed up Celsius and Fahrenheit and wondered why the wedges were not cooking at all. The only problem was the bread was too long to fit in, so I had to split it in half. When I’m cooking for just me I tend to just get simple food so it was nice to cook a bit more.

How easy was the Halogen Oven to use?

At first, I couldn’t switch it on but then I realised this was because the handle was sticking up slightly. When the handle is lifted up it switches off so you have to make sure it’s pushed down for cooking.

I was confused as to which racks/trays to use. I originally put the potatoes on the rack but the dressing on them dripped down so I transferred them to one of the baking trays which I think is meant to be a ‘steamer’. Either way, it worked much better. I think it’s just a case of trial and error to find what works best for the meal you’re making.

Was there any issues? Or parts you found fiddly?

I found it awkward lifting items out of the oven. I know it sounds silly but I think I’m so used to a conventional oven, it took me a while to get the hang of lifting items up and out of the oven. The free oven gloves are also a bit short for me so I had to use my own oven gloves instead. It wasn’t a problem but worth noting if you’re long-limbed!

Any helpful tips?

Put bigger items at the bottom, directly on the bowl. They cook fine and there are no issues with putting more food on the racks. Plus, make sure you have plenty of space for putting the lid down when you add or take out your food.

What was the product’s standout quality?

It did indeed cook the food quickly. It also cooked it perfectly evenly.

And worse?

The halogen oven is sturdy and felt good quality but it was too bulky for my kitchen. I have the tiniest kitchen and I had to clear counter space to use the product. For any other kitchen, I’m sure it would be fine but mine is like a stair cupboard!

To find out more about the VonShef 12L Halogen Oven click here.

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