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Seeds to Sow this Summer

It’s time. The sun is tentatively shining. The winter frost is gone and British soils are ripe for planting. So dust off your garden gloves, throw open your shed and get down to a serious spot of seeding. It’s easy. Soil, seeds and a bit of sun – done.

Plant now and enjoy a summer filled with colourful, flavourful fruit and veg. If this is your first escapade into home grown produce, fear not. We’ve rounded up the easiest fruits and veg to grow this spring. Once planted, these plants will require minimal tending.

If you’re ready… get set, and grow!


Carrots thrive during the spring and summer months; get your first crop planted now and enjoy crop after crop right up until autumn. If you’re worried your ground soil isn’t up to scratch; grab some compost and sow in a large container. These crunchy carrots will be ready to enjoy in June.

Home Grown Onions


Don’t leave onions until the last minute - they need a long growing season. Get your onions in the ground now, water sparingly and harvest as soon as the foliage starts to turn yellow. Onions should reach full maturity by mid to late summer – just in time for homemade summer salads and early autumn stews.


An endless supply of plump, juicy tomatoes all summer long? Yes please! But you’ll need to be quick, as April is your last chance to sow those seeds. Now the weather has turned warmer and the risk of frost has passed you’re good to go. Don’t leave it any later; tomatoes won’t have enough time to fully ripen. Water little and often to keep your tomatoes tangy.

Garden Kale


Steamed, stir-fried or in a smoothie; kale can form an extremely nutritious part of your diet. One of the most frost tolerant vegetables around, kale flourishes in early spring. Simple to grow from seed, harvest as a baby green if you can’t wait to sample your home grown greens or nurture into crinkly full-sized leaves. Make sure soil is extra fertile for tender leaves and lightning speed growth.


Small but perfectly formed, peas are a staple in many a recipe. Taking between 50 to 65 days to mature, if planted now, peas should be ready by early summer. Soak seeds in water overnight before planting for better growth. For the sweetest results, grow in moist, fertile, well-drained soil, taking care to ensure they’re not exposed to too much warmth.

Garden Radishes


Perfect for the impatient gardener, radishes harvest in as little as three weeks and mature almost as quickly. Requiring no attention once the seed has been sown, radishes are brilliant if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. Short on plot space? Grow amongst lettuce and other spring greens or grab a good multi-purpose compost and grow in a container.

Think you won’t be able to grow these veggies in your garden? Look at our easy vegetable patch ideas of big spaces, balconies and window pots.


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