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The Perfect Espresso Martini

Espresso Martinis: decadent party cocktail, opulent aperitif, luxurious digestif or Friday night pick-me-up after work. This sumptuous mix of vodka, Kahlua and espresso is no longer the reserve of “mixologists” in trendy bars, it’s just as easy to throw one together for an evening at home or after a dinner party to avoid the post-meal lull.

Here we’ll show you how to make the perfect Espresso Martini, starting with the most important ingredient, the coffee…


Nigella Lawson likes hers chilled overnight, but we think there’s no substitute for a freshly brewed espresso as the perfect base for this superb cocktail.

We like to choose our favourite coffee beans (single origin seems to be en vogue) and give them a good blitzing in the coffee grinder to really unlock the flavour. Seeing as this drink hinges on the quality of the coffee, it seems to make sense to make it as impactful as possible! Remember to save a few beans for decoration later…

Next up is the brewing. Now, we realise not everyone is lucky enough to have their own espresso machine or coffee bar at home, but you can still make great espresso with a stove-top macchinetta.

We’re brewing enough for two espresso martini’s but you can scale this recipe up or down with ease depending on your party size.

The Mix

  1. Two big handfuls of ice – bagged or machine made ice is best
  2. 50ml Kahlua - Tia Maria or other coffee liqueur can be used, but Kahlua is our favourite
  3. 100ml Vodka – We like Finalndia or Stolichnaya, but any better quality vodka will do
  4. 50ml Fresh Espresso


The Method

  1. Grab your cocktail shaker and place in the ingredients in the order shown above, the coffee has to go in last otherwise it will melt the ice and dilute the drink and we’ll lose some of that punchy flavour.
  2. Pop the lid on and get shaking! You want to go for at least 20 seconds, the longer you shake, the better a crema (the froth) you’ll get as the ice chips away at itself in the shaker.
  3. When you’ve given the cocktail a robust shake, grab some chilled martini glasses and using your cocktail strainer, divide the mixture between the glasses.
  4. Decorate with 3 of the leftover coffee beans per glass and you should have the perfect, flavour-filled, espresso martini.


Get maximum taste with minimum effort with one-button operation and the large capacity grinding chamber of the brand-new matte black 150W VonShef Coffee Grinder. Powerful and lightweight, you can grind and chop coffee beans, nuts, seeds or spices.

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