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Healthy Flours You Need to Try

Flour: the backbone of many a recipe. Bread, biscuits, pizza, pancakes – all reliant on a dose of the floury stuff. White, plain, self-raising - varieties we’re all familiar with but did you know there’s life beyond these tried and tested household favourites?

A new breed of nutritious flours are on the up. Eating healthily no longer equates to living a flourless existence. With so many nutritious options now lining supermarket shelves, your favourite recipes can be as tasty as they are healthy.

Why not try incorporating these flours into your cooking?

Healthy flours you need to try

Coconut flour


Made from dried coconut meat (the rich white lining within the coconut shell), this flour is high in fibre, low in carbs, a good source of protein and gluten-free to boot. It’s naturally sweet too, which means using less of the sugary stuff in your recipes. Light in texture, coconut flour lends itself well to sweeter recipes like fluffy muffins, delicate biscuits and airy waffles.

Spelt flour


A little bit sweet with a slightly nutty tang, spelt flour is higher in protein and lower in calories than its wheat counterpart. Known for its dependable consistency, spelt flour is ideal for a wide variety of recipes including pasta, bread and pizza crusts.

Barley Flour


High in fibre and much lower in gluten than standard wheat varieties, barley flour can help to lower blood cholesterol and decrease sugar levels. Barley flour has a unique flavour and a less dense consistency. It works well with quick breads, cookies and brownies. Try adding as a thickening agent in sauces, soups and stews.

Almond flour


The result of ground almonds, this flour is often used in conjunction with other flours to add a pinch of nuttiness. Wholesome and grain-free, almond flour is packed with protein, healthy fats and up to 35% of your vitamin E recommended daily allowance. This Paleo-friendly flour makes a brilliant substitute for bread crumb coatings on meat and fish or as the binding force in pies, pastries and tarts.

Quinoa flour


One of the most nutritious flours you can get your mitts on. Gluten-free quinoa flour is bursting with fibre, protein, zinc, magnesium, iron and those all-important essential amino acids. Bold and slightly bitter in flavour, mix with another flour variety to prevent overpowering your recipes. Try with blueberry muffins or soft, spongey banana bread.

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