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Food Dehydrators: True or False?

 Thinking of investing in a food dehydrator but still have a few unanswered questions? We bust a few myths and clarify a few facts that will put your mind at ease - and a food dehydrator on your ‘must-buy’ list.

False: Dehydrators are just for fruit and veg

Dehydrators’ talents extend far beyond your average fruit and veg: meats, fish, nuts and grains dehydrate to a tasty crisp too.

False: Dehydrators are only good for fresh food

Dehydrators are brilliant for salvaging food which has seen better days. That overripe banana been languishing in the fruit bowl a little too long? Pop it in the dehydrator for crunchy banana chips.

VonShef Circular Food Dehydrator

False: Dehydrating strips food of its nutritional value

The dehydration process retains up to 100% of the nutritional value of food and remains so for months on end.

True: Dehydration enhances the flavour of food

Taste becomes unbelievably concentrated once water is removed. So if you thought food was flavourful before, you’re in for a sweet surprise.

Sundried Tomatoes

True: Dehydrators could save you money

Pre-packaged dried food doesn’t come cheap; a dehydrator can slash the cost of dried delicacies and save you a round trip to the supermarket too. Double bonus!

True: Dehydrating can preserve food for decades

Unbelievable but true, dehydrated food can last up to 30 years! No more panicking to eat food before it goes off.

Beef Jerky

False: Dehydrators are cumbersome and bulky

Whilst you can buy larger dehydrators, our VonShef Food Dehydrators fit easily into kitchen cupboards and will take up a lot less room than you think.

Still not convinced? Here’s 5 reasons why you need a food dehydrator.

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