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How to fake a BBQ indoors

Picture the scene: the sun’s out, spirits are high and your first juicy burger is just minutes away. Lovely. But what about the rainy days? Those soggy evenings when British ‘summer’ proves an almighty disappointment.

Whilst you might have to bungle your barbeque back in the shed, who says you can’t bring the barbeque indoors?

If you can’t make it outside, fake it inside. No temperamental weather to contend with, no insects running amok and no nosey neighbours itching for an invite.

Try these smoking hot ideas…

Spit roast chicken in the halogen oven

No self-respecting barbeque is complete without a freshly roasted chicken. If you can’t flame grill: spit roast instead. Whip out your halogen oven and achieve perfectly crispy skin and amazingly tender meat in less than an hour.

Chargrill ribs in your air fryer

Chargrill ribs are just as satisfying devoured at the dinner table as they are around a roaring fire pit. Even better: grilling ribs in an air fryer gives you maximum taste without any added nasties.  Marinate in a tangy BBQ sauce for a truly authentic experience.

Chargrilled Ribs

Make pulled pork in your slow cooker

Who said barbeque food had to be speedy? Perfection can take a little time. Bring out the slow cooker for effortless pulled pork. Pile high on a top of a bread bun or serve on the side – and don’t forget the smoky southern-style sauce.

Make homemade slaw using your blender

Barbeques just aren’t the same without a generous helping of coleslaw on the side. Make your own from scratch; blitz carrots, cabbage, onion and mayonnaise in a blender for shredded success.

Pulled Pork Sliders

Make chicken skewers on your teppanyaki grill

Combine cuisines and rebel against British barbeque traditions with teppanyaki grilled chicken skewers. Marinade in a sweet or savoury sauce and cook at the table for BBQ-style sociability.

Do you have any barbeque cooking tips? Tell us in the comment box below.

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