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Emily’s Doughnut Macarons

What a treat! Top Blogger, Emily’s Recipes and Reviews has put together this cute-as-can-be doughnut macarons recipe for us. We love it!

Doughnut Macarons 4

Doughnut Macarons

A colourful addition to any party, these doughnut macarons are a fun twist on the French classic. Filled with jam, drizzled with pastel pink icing and scattered with hundreds and thousands, these tiny treats pack all the best bits of a doughnut into mini macaron form. For super macaron success, be organised with your ingredients and weigh everything out from the start.


For the macarons 
Two egg whites, room temperature
75g caster sugar
90g icing sugar, sieved
75g ground almonds, sieved until fine with lumps discarded
Light brown food colourful gel

For the topping
50g of your favourite jam
75g icing sugar
Pink food colouring gel
Hundreds and thousands

Mixer with balloon whisk, spatula, three plastic piping bags, macaron mat, baking tray.

Doughnut Macarons



Step one. Whisk together the egg whites on a high speed until they resemble foamy bubbles.

Step two. Slowly add in the caster sugar, whilst the mixer continue to whisk. The meringue is ready when it forms stiff, white, glossy peaks.

Step three. Add the in the sieved almonds, icing sugar and food colouring and mix together with a spatula. Stir in quick figure-of-eight motions, slicing through the mix rather than patting down.

Tip: The mixture is ready when it drizzles from your spatula like a ribbon.

Step four. Fill your piping bag and tie securely. Make sure there are no air bubbles in the mix. Snip the end straight across at 180 degrees.

Step five. Pipe out half the mixture as rings and the other half as full circles.

Step six. Allow the macaron shells to completely dry for at least 15 minutes. Meanwhile, preheat your oven to 150 degrees.

Doughnut Macarons 2

Step seven. Bake the macarons for 12 minutes. Allow to completely cool.

Step eight. Fill your piping bag with jam and pipe half the macaron shells. Form together to make a full macaron.

Step nine. Mix your icing sugar gradually with a little water to form a thick icing. Add in food colouring gel to create the desired shade of pink.

Step ten. Fill your piping bag with icing sugar and snip a very small hole in the end. It’s better to start small then cut again if needed. Pipe a wiggly line around the doughnut and scatter with hundreds and thousands.

Allow the icing to set - then enjoy!

Recipe and photographs by Emily Coates

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