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Eating Clean Made Easy

Removing all processed foods from your diet and embracing a whole foods way of life can be difficult at first. Some of your favourite foods might be overly processed; things like pizzas, chocolate and crisps can be hard to even think about giving up.

Overhauling your diet is a big ask and if you don’t want to go cold turkey, we’ve put together some easy food swaps to get you started.

Swap… a carton of orange juice for whole oranges

The carton of orange juice you bought from the supermarket in good faith? Probably not as clean as you think. 100% juice isn’t always what it claims to be. Pasteurised, refrigerated for months, pumped full of ‘natural’ flavours and stripped of nutrients; just some of the ways in which your favourite drink might have been tampered with. Swap for fresh whole oranges and invest in a juicer for healthier drinks.

Orange Juice Freshly Squeezed

Swap… refined white rice for quinoa

A dinner time staple in many a recipe, white rice is stripped of essential nutrients during the refining process and pumped full of synthetic vitamins and iron. Yuck. Trade in for super clean quinoa which is a great source of vegetable protein.

Swap… frozen beef patties for grass-fed beef burgers

Aside from meat, what else goes into that burger you’re about to tuck into? Check the label – for frozen and, even fresh beef burgers, you’ll be surprised at all of the added extras. Instead, treat yourself to a nutritious, homemade grass-fed burger - and skip the white bread bun.

Grassfed Beef Burgers

Swap… cereal for pinhead oat porridge

Sugar laden cereals won’t get your day or your clean eating regime off to a good start. Swap cereal for pinhead oat porridge - a nutritious, natural alternative with no sneaky additives or fillers. Replace your usual semi-skimmed milk with full fat milk (organic if you can) and top with fresh fruit or raw seeds and you’ve got one uber healthy breakfast.

Swap… chocolate chips for cacao nibs

Ready to eat clean but not quite ready to forgo your chocolate fix? Replace chocolate chips with cacao nibs to satisfy chocolate cravings. Even healthier than dark chocolate, add them to your breakfast porridge, pre-gym shake or combine in a banana avocado acai bowl - creamy, chocolatey, clean eating deliciousness.

Natural Porridge Oats

Still unsure about giving up chocolate treats? Try these Naturally Sassy sugar-free desserts – you won’t be able to tell the difference!

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