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Drabstones to Fabstones in under 15 minutes

Patio cleaning can be fun and easy when you know how, especially on a nice day. Over time patio stones and slabs can become dirty and discoloured, and ideally should be cleaned once or twice a year.

To help you get your garden ready for autumn we’ve put together a quick guide on the best way to clean your patio or decking in under 15 minutes:

What You’ll need

  • Dedicated patio or deck cleaner
  • A stiff brush to give the whole area a scrub
  • A hose to rinse the patio before and after cleaning
  • A broom
  • A pressure washer to dislodge engrained dirt
  • Thick gloves
  • Eye protection

Patio Cleaning

How to clean your patio

  1. Remove any objects from your patio or decking and mix up your cleaner with a bucket of hot water
  2. Hose down the whole area to remove any surface dirt or debris. When using a pressure washer ensure that the nozzle is at least 3m away from the surface of the patio and maintain a continuous sweeping movement. This will ensure that you don’t blast away any sand joints or remove more than the top layer of dirt
  3. Using the stiff brush and cleaning solution, wash down and scrub the entire surface. Leave the solution to work its way into the dirt for about five to ten minutes and then vigorously rinse with the hose or pressure washer
  4. In addition to cleaning you may also want to apply decking stain to help protect the wood from weather damage

If you've not yet invested in a pressure washer, make sure to check out the VonHaus Compact Pressure Washer.

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