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The Interview: Dave Asprey Bulletproof Coffee

Most of us have heard about Bulletproof Coffee. Dave Asprey, Bulletproof Coffee founder, claims his butter beverage can help you lose weight, upgrade your brain and even lower your biological age. Some pretty big claims for a morning caffeine fix but with a multitude of devotees across the world – is there any truth to this self-styled bio-hacker’s claims?

Here we speak to Dave Asprey to find out just what all the fuss is about.

How did you discover Bulletproof Coffee?

I got the idea when I drank yak butter tea on a trip to Tibet in 2004, when I found myself in an unusually rugged and high altitude mountainous climate in -10°F weather. The butter-infused tea made me feel unexpectedly strong and rejuvenated, even though I should have felt exhausted and terrible from the high altitude and unforgiving climate. The engineer in me wondered why the tea made me feel so good, and I embarked on years of research about what caused the benefits I had experienced, which led me to create Bulletproof Coffee and, soon, the Bulletproof Diet. Bulletproof Coffee combines low-toxin Upgraded Coffee beans, grass fed butter, and an extract of coconut oil called Brain Octane to create its unique and noteworthy effects.

What are the main benefits of drinking Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof Coffee allows users to get the benefits of coffee without the typical crash and jitters associated with drinking coffee.  The low-toxin Upgraded Coffee is designed to make you feel and perform your best when you consume it because it is lab tested to be free of low grade coffee toxins that impact how you feel, the butter makes you feel full for hours, and the Brain Octane oil is 18x stronger than coconut oil for delivering fast energy from fats, not sugar, so you can avoid the energy drops common in mid-morning. For 4-6 hours, you simply don’t care about food after you drink it.

The performance benefits of Bulletproof Coffee, to name a few, include:

  • Intense focus and clarity: no jitters and crash like most coffee commonly does
  • Provides long lasting, all day energy and focus
  • Encourages your body to burn its fat stores; kick start its fat-burning engine
  • Grass fed butter is higher in necessary omega-3 fatty acids and Brain Octane oil provides fast energy from burning fat

Oh, and by the way, it’s delicious!

Can anyone drink Bulletproof Coffee? Is it just for people who want to lose weight or need extra energy to exercise?

Anyone can drink Bulletproof Coffee! It's not just for exercise or weight loss. The only people who shouldn't drink Bulletproof Coffee are those who don't want to improve their daily performance, and pregnant women should use lab-tested Upgraded Decaf Coffee beans because decaf beans are higher in toxins than normal beans.

Do you drink Bulletproof Coffee every day? What’s your morning routine?

I do. I never jolt myself out of bed, I use an app that wakes me up at the top of my sleep cycle. I then make myself a cup of Bulletproof Coffee using Upgraded Coffee Beans, Brain Octane oil and grass-fed butter, this ensures I don’t have any cravings, and it keeps me full, focused and energized for hours. I don’t typically eat until after 2pm, and sometimes I’d rather have a second cup of Bulletproof Coffee and skip my lunch.

How easy is Bulletproof Coffee to make at home? What are your top tips for brewing the perfect cup?

I usually use a French press because the metal filter allows the essentials oils from the coffee beans to remain in the hot coffee for their flavour and metabolic effects. I use Upgraded Coffee beans which are lab-tested to be free of the levels of commonly found mould toxins that impact human performance according to the research I published in the Bulletproof Diet book recently. I use about 40g of coffee for 500ml of water, and I usually start the day with between 300 and 400ml of Bulletproof Coffee.

I pour the brewed hot coffee into a blender and add up to 2 tablespoons or 30g of grass-fed butter and 2 tablespoons or 30g of Brain Octane oil. Brain Octane oil is flavourless and is 18 times stronger than plain coconut oil. It provides much of the mental energy that comes from drinking real Bulletproof Coffee instead of just mixing butter into any coffee.

I blend it all together for about 20 seconds until it is creamy with the head of foam like the world's best latte. There is no oily or buttery taste.

I vary the amount of butter and brain octane based on how much hunger I have and what I plan to be doing. I am a tall, muscular guy so my body requires more fuel than a woman who might weigh half what I weigh. My goal is to add just enough butter and oil so that I will not think about food or experience hunger or food cravings for at least four hours. Check out my post on how to make Bulletproof Coffee. It only has as many calories as you want it to!

 Why’s it so important to use unsalted grass-fed butter?

Putting butter in hot drinks is a several thousand-year-old practice I learned while traveling at high elevation in Tibet. When I started testing recipes, normal butter from corn-fed and soy-fed cows didn’t provide the feeling I’d had in Tibet, but after a lot of tests, I figured out that grass-fed butter did. Bulletproof Coffee takes the Tibetan practice to a new level by blending together coffee made from low toxin coffee beans with grass-fed butter and Brain Octane. By providing your body with satiating fat from butter and Brain Octane, instead of sugar and carbs, you are helping your body to use ketones (fat burning) for energy throughout the day.

Aside from drinking Bulletproof Coffee, what’s your best life hack?

Hack your sleep, just like you can hack your coffee and your diet. I’ve written several blog posts laying out the different techniques you can use to improve sleep, whether it’s making the room as dark as possible to help melatonin levels, turning off devices and appliances to prevent sleep-disrupting EMF, or using various different foods such as XCT oil and raw honey to provide your brain with the building blocks it needs to function at its best while you sleep. Just like with your diet, you should experiment with different methods and techniques and use one of the many great sleep apps out there to track the results, and find what works best for you.

You’ve now introduced the Bulletproof Diet – can you give us a rough idea behind the principles of the diet?

I developed the Bulletproof Diet to reveal the cause of so many people’s reduced energy levels, performance, appearance, and happiness. The basic principles include a diet that avoids “kryptonite foods” that sap human performance without our knowledge, and eating lots of healthy saturated fats and nutrient-dense foods, working out a lot less (but smarter), hacking quality sleep, and taking the right supplements.

The end result? No more counting calories, I get to eat foods I enjoy like steak, bacon, and chocolate, I’ve drastically reduced my inflammation, and I am always in a state of peak performance. The Bulletproof Diet challenges you to think differently about nutrition, weight loss, and wellness. It’s based on a simple – and free online – roadmap you can print and put on your fridge. It guides you to make better – but not always perfect – decisions when you choose what to eat. You don’t have to know all the science, just follow the map!

What do you think are the biggest mistakes people make when trying to lose weight or get fit?

The “eat less, exercise more” conventional wisdom does not work for most people out there. It’s not as simple as “calories in, calories out” and what you put in your body is every bit as important as how much. Everyone is different and should take an individual approach to weight loss and fitness.

Also, the “low-fat diet” mantra of the last several decades has been scientifically disproven as the panacea we thought it was, yet people are still doing it expecting weight loss success – and wondering why it fails them!  By following the Bulletproof Diet instead, which is high in healthy fats and other nutrients, you will lose weight while feeling satisfied and cutting cravings instead of battling with yourself to restrict calories day in and day out.

Still not convinced? Read our testers 5 day Bulletproof Coffee Drinking Challenge.

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