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Choosing a TV Bracket

Choosing a TV bracket that is right for your needs can be a confusing task. To help make your options a bit clearer, we've put together the summary below. Plus, if you’re confused by TV bracket lingo, have a read of our jargon buster guide here.

Ultra Slim or Low Profile

As the name suggests, these TV brackets sit as close to the wall as possible. Great for flat screen TVs and smaller, lighter models, an ultra slim TV bracket will sit nose to nose to the wall, giving your TV that ‘hanging picture’ look.



As the name suggests, tilt TV brackets can tilt forwards and backwards. This means you can adjust your screen angle to suit your seating – giving you the best view possible.

Usually, tilt TV brackets work well with heavier TVs as they’re designed to hold heavy loads. Plus, most tilt TV brackets have large, cut out spaces – so you can install over plug sockets and aerial plates – which means no dangling wires.



The daddy of the TV bracket world. A cantilever bracket is the ultimate in entertainment viewing. Super strong, a cantilever bracket means you can swivel your TV around at whim. Pull your TV forward, turn it left or right and tilt it up or down. Easy to manoeuvre and great for big flat screen, plasma or LED TVs.


Still unsure? If you want to do some more research, have a look at our TV Bracket Jargon Buster – it’ll tell you all the key terminology you need to know.

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