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Win a VonShef 1260W Stand Mixer.

Wholemeal baps, baguettes, bagels or artisan sourdough – if you’ve made it – we want to see it. Upload a photo of you holding your homemade bread to Instagram, tagging @VonShef_uk along with #VonShefStandProud – to enter the competition. 

This week our guest judge, Instagram baker extraordinaire, Gareth Rees - aka Memoirs of a Baker - will be judging your breads and crowning the best bake.

Enter before midnight 18th September to win a VonShef 1260W Stand Mixer.

To view previous entries follow this link

To find terms and conditions of the #VonShefStandProud competition please follow this link -

Memoirs of a Baker: Bread Tips

Bread baker, self-confessed foodie, and this week’s guest judge, Gareth Rees is known for his experimental flavour combinations – fish sauce, garlic and sriracha sourdough fougasse; or a strawberry jam, peanut butter, and pancetta Danish anyone? (Yes, he actually baked these!). So who could be better to judge our bread competition?

His Instagram page (@memoirsofabaker) is full of bread inspiration, honest thoughts and lots of bread baking learnings.

Some of his best tips are:

• Yeasted bread dough is alive and reacts to its conditions – small details make a difference to results.

• Dough proves quicker if the dough is warm, or you use more. water/sugar/yeast/flour with lots of nutrition. It’ll prove slower if you do the opposite. Keeping a diary and accurate notes of ingredients and dough temperature is helpful.

• A slower prove = more flavour. Maybe try holding back some dough to use in your next dough.

• Use recipes only as blueprints. Somebody else might be proving their dough in a different (usually not specified) room temperature, or using different flour to you – like above, small details can make a big difference. Adjust next time based on your dough’s needs.

• Ask questions! Social media gives access to bakers who are usually really helpful!

• Have fun! Experiment! It doesn’t always go well, but that’s ok. You’ll have learned something!

Frances Quinn Best Biscuits

Our biscuit week judge - 2013 Great British BakeOfff winner Frances Quinn – has picked her favourite entry for the week – congratulations to @ aniasvibrantkitchen and her delicious-looking vegan chocolate hobnob biscuits. Ania has won a VonShef 1260W Stand Mixer in their choice of black, red, cream or pink. Frances is a big fan of biscuits, especially HobNobs so these really stood out to her. She loved the chocolate topping and the fact you could still see the oaty goodness around the outside border.  The way the biscuits were presented next to an inviting mug of coffee, another vice of Frances' also appealed. A perfect biscuit and beverage for dunking!

With a different baking theme each week, whether you bake pies or desserts we have a competition coming up for you. Keep your eyes peeled for pastry, dessert, and pie week coming up soon!

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