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6 Extra Uses For Bamboo Steamers

The secret weapon behind the fluffiest rice, incredibly flaky fish and the plumpest dumplings.

Bamboo steamers are brilliant for cooking up entire meals, oriental style. What’s more, achieving the most delectable dishes couldn’t be easier… just place the bamboo steamer over a wok of boiling water and wait for it to work its magic.

Bamboo Steamer Unexpected Uses 3

But that’s not all a bamboo steamer can do. Here’s just a few of their extra uses…

  1. Slave to your microwave? Try reheating food in a bamboo steamer instead. A steamer will reheat food without drying it out or losing any nutrients. It’s much kinder to the environment too.
  2. Bamboo steamers come in handy even when they’re not steaming up a storm. Use them to keep garlic, onions and other ingredients fresh – they’ll look great on your kitchen countertop too.
  3. If it’s fajita night, keep your tortillas toasty in your bamboo steamer. They won’t dry out or overcook, staying super tasty until serving time.
  4. Bamboo steamers are just as useful for carrying as they are for cooking. Use yours in place of a cupcake or pie carrier – they’re light, easy to transport and will save your baking from being squished.
  5. Bored of your bland fruit bowl? Pop the sweet stuff in a bamboo steamer instead for an exotic and eye-catching centrepiece.
  6. Why not try serving food up at the dining table in steamer too? A sure-fire way to get guests talking. Plus, fewer pots to wash.

Intrigued? Read our 7 best tips to get the most out of your bamboo steamer.

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