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8 Things to do with Kids this Summer

So the six week Summer Holidays are here and parents up and down the country are faced with the daunting prospect of keeping youngsters entertained for the duration, whilst not spending an arm and a leg in the process.

Worry not dear readers, we know the feeling and we've got your back with our 8 things to do with kids this summer. The best part is, you don’t need to spend a fortune. We’ve got so many ideas for fun at-home activities that children of all ages will love (and that won't cost you your sanity!).

Spontaneous Tea Parties in the garden

What to do with kids in summer holidays

Who needs an excuse to celebrate? Be spontaneous and throw a mini tea party in the garden- the kids will love it. Complete with shaped sandwiches (check these out), and miniature sweet treats. The VonShef 3-in-1 Snack Maker has interchangeable plates which make mini doughnuts, brownies and waffles- it's a busy parent's secret weapon...

Pick Strawberries & make your own Jam

What to do with kids in summer holidays

British Strawberries are at their very best between June and August. Check for your nearest Pick Your Own Farm here. Once you've got your berry haul, you'll want to make them into jam so you can enjoy them all year round. The kids will love picking the fruit and helping to turn it into deliciously sweet and sticky jam.

New to jam making? Check out our easy recipe for Strawberry & Pimm's Jam (and of course ommit the alcohol if you're making it for little ones!). Pick up the VonShef Maslin Pan Set which comes with everything you need to get started.

Build a den

Den-building is an age-old passtime and a right of passage for any child. Dens can be made simply with a sheet and an active imagination, but a den built outside and with a grown-up helping, can be 'next-level' fun.

To keep it simple, grab that redundant tarpauline or an old blanket, a washing line or some chairs to prop it up and pin it down with some tent pegs.

Make Waffles for Breakfast

What to do with kids in summer holidays

If there's one thing sure to get them out of bed, it's hot, off-the-grid waffles for breakfast. Smothered in butter and jam or maple syrup, and topped with chocolate sauce, berries, bacon or ice cream (or all of the aforementioned), how could anyone not like waffles? Make your own with our VonShef Waffle Makers.

Grow Your Own

What to do with kids in summer holidays

Raising seedlings and growing plants is a fun, engaging and rewarding way to educate children on how to nurture something, on food and how nature works. It's also relatively cheap to set up and can even save you a pretty penny in the long run.

Choose fast growing seeds to stave off boredom. Radishes sprout quickly and are very low maintenance!

Make Organising a Game

Want to spend time with the children but desperately need to tackle the clutter? Proposition them with a 'who's the quickest at...' game and get them involved! Largely depending on their age, generally little ones love to feel like they are helping.

The VonHaus Storage Cubes are an afordable kids bedroom-friendly storage solution, perfect for toys and books.

Cook Homemade Pizzas

What to do with kids in summer holidays

The Summer Holidays are for taking the time to do things you wouldn't normally. Homemade pizzas are a real treat for the whole family. It's something children of all ages can get involved with, from preparing the dough, to layering on the toppings. The reward is perfectly crisp and flavoursome pizzas, done exactly to their liking- no complaints.

Camp in the Garden

What to do with kids in summer holidays

If camping isn't possible, pick up a Fire Pit instead. The summer holidays are a time for making memories. Telling stories and toasting marshmallows under the stars with the family is sure to be one memory that will last.

We'd love to hear how you're keeping your kids entertained over the Summer holidays! Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter @domu_uk.


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