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7 Handy Bamboo Steamer Tips

There’s a good reason why bamboo steamers have been used for centuries. This ancient cooking technique is almost fool-proof. From dim sum to teriyaki salmon; delicious delicacies from the orient to clean and lean chicken breasts: with a bamboo steamer it’s easy to cook meat, fish, vegetables and rice. Plus lots more.

Easy it may be, but we’ve got some top tips for you to get even more out of your bamboo steamer.

Bamboo Steamer 7 Tips banner

1. Wok It

Bamboo steamers can be used with all sorts of pots and pans but a wok works best. With a wok, heat has less chance to escape; with the base of the steamer cocooned within the wok, heat has only one way to go: up and around the food.

2. Non-Stick

Every time you use your bamboo steamer: line it. Use a few lettuce leaves or parchment paper to stop food sticking to the bottom. It’ll help keep your bamboo steamer looking as good as new.

3. Jingle Jangle

Make sure you have enough water in your wok by dropping in a penny. You’ll hear it jangling as the water is bubbling away. Can’t hear it? It’s time for a top up, as there’s no longer enough water to properly heat your food.

4. Layer Up

If you’re using more than one bamboo tier, put ingredients that take longer to cook at the bottom – this will help to keep cooking times consistent and won’t leave half your food lukewarm.

5. Savour the Flavour

Want to add some extra flavour? Add garlic, thyme, rosemary, ginger or any other tasty spices to the water to add subtle tones to your food.

6. Safety First

Make sure you always use tongues to take food out of your steamer. Remember, it’s not only food which will be piping hot – steam will be positively scorching too.

7. Steam Clean

Mouldy kitchen appliances… not the most appealing. Make sure your bamboo steamer stays as it should be by only washing in warm soapy water and leaving it to air dry.

Want to find out how else you can use your bamboo steamer? Read on…

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