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5 Unexpected Perks of Owning a Halogen Oven


You NEED a halogen oven in your life.

Energy-efficient, compact, convenient to clean, kind to counter space, quicker than your average oven and no pre-heating required; halogen ovens are nothing short of a kitchen lifesaver. Obvious benefits aside, there’s some more great perks to owning a halogen, here are just a few…

Halogen Oven Chicken Drumsticks

You’ll want to cook more

Juggling an army of pots, pans, hobs and grills then hours spent washing up – it’s enough to put even the keenest chef off, but not when you’re equipped with a halogen oven. An absolute doddle to use, much quicker than a conventional oven, the functions of the halogen are many – roast, bake, defrost, steam, fry and boil. Plus with one bowl to clean: minimal mess.

You’ll want to experiment more

When foods tastes this good, and cooking is this quick, those dusty cookbooks will start taking on a new allure. Fool-proof to master, halogen ovens will get those creative juices flowing; inspiring you to experiment with dishes you normally wouldn’t dare attempt. If it all goes pear-shaped? Take solace in the fact it’ll be a quick mistake to make.

You’ll have extra money to spend on yourself

Sunday roasts which take hours, hobs on high for half a pan of ingredients - we’ve all been there. We all know just how quickly energy bills can add up. Not with a halogen oven though. Using up to 75% less energy than conventional equipment and with a myriad of functions, you’ll wonder how you did without it. Lower energy bills = more money for you.

You’ll pick up a new hobby

With dinner taken care of in less than half the time (halogen ovens cook three times faster than a conventional oven), you’ll have plenty of new-found free time to pick up a new hobby. Sky-diving, surfing, biking, ballet - the world’s your oyster!

You’ll throw more dinner parties

When it’s this easy, why wouldn’t you? Throw a meal together in minutes, cook it in no less time, then just an oven bowl plus some plates to clean up after. Indispensable when you what fuss-free cooking and time with your pals.

Need more convincing? Read on and find out why you need to ditch your conventional oven.

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