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5 Foods You Should Never Freeze

The freezer is without a doubt one of the most useful items in the modern kitchen. It’s the champion of quick meals, last minute dishes and leftovers; it’s essential for batch cooking, storing long-life products and frozen food essentials.

You can freeze just about anything, but not every food is freezer-friendly; in fact, freezing these foods rarely ends well…

Eggs in their Shells

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Probably not cracked, rubbery and bacteria laden: all common consequences if you freeze eggs.

Eggs in Shell,  Do Not Refreeze, Domu


The likes of milk, soft cheese and yoghurt simply aren’t made for minus temperatures, and would likely emerge separated, curdled or congealed.

Dairy, Yogurt, Milk & Cheese Do Not Refreeze, Domu,

Fresh Fruit

Frozen fruit is yummy. Freezing fresh fruit, on the other hand, is likely to end up nutritionally lacking, limp, soggy and wholly unappealing.

Fresh Fruit, Do Not Refreeze, Domu

Defrosted Meat

Don’t fancy the defrosted chicken breast you planned for dinner tonight? Forget putting it back in the freezer; it could now serve as a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria.

Raw Chicken Breast, Do Not Refreeze Domu

Salad Greens

Crisp, flavourful salad greens will turn to soft mush in the freezer – keep them in the fridge to keep them fresh.

Salad Leaves, Do Not Refreeze, Domu

Have you had a freezer freezing disaster? Let us know in the comment box.

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