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3 Ways to Cook Fabulous Fish

Cooking chicken? Childs play! Roast leg of lamb? Easy peasy! Fish feast… seriously hard work?!

More delicate than meat, fish has a tendency to dry out easily and, unfortunately, there’s a very fine line between raw and undercooked and fried to an inedible crisp.

If you watch your fish like a hawk, follow all the rules and are still left with fish that just falls flat, don’t through in the tea towel just yet.

Side-step charred tuna, singed salmon and overcooked cod with these three methods for fabulously cooked fish.


Brilliant for firm-fleshed fish like tuna and trout, poaching is practically fool-proof in dodging a culinary cock up. Gently simmer your fish fillet or steak in heated liquid. Seasoned water, wine, fish stock and milk all bring out the deeper flavours of fish.

The key to an impeccable poach? Don’t bring to the boil – keep a moderate temperature throughout. Poach straight from the freezer if you’re pressed for time.

Poached Sea Bass


The go-to method if you’re counting calories, steaming is the uber-healthy, ultra-easy route to a satisfying fillet of fish. Just 10 minutes to cook, steaming retains more nutrients and there’s not an ounce of added fat in sight.

Prepare with a Chinese bamboo steamer and infuse with herbs and spices for flawlessly flaky fish with a feisty kick.

Grilled Trout


Best suited to thicker cuts of oil-rich fish, grilling is one of the speedier methods of preparing seafood. To keep the likes of salmon, sea bass, tuna and mackerel succulent and flavourful: high and direct heat is vital.

First brush the fish with a little extra-virgin olive oil to stop sticking, then ramp up the temperature and cook until flaky.

Do you have any great cooking tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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