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4 Delicious Ways To Get Vitamin D In Your Diet

Drained, dull and fed up? If you’re feeling low this month, the winter blues might not be the culprit. Tiredness, fatigue, aches and pains could all point to a vitamin D deficiency.

This sun-loving nutrient keeps our teeth and bones in tip top shape, but as we all know too well, come January natural sunlight is severely lacking.

Although we get most of our vitamin D through the sun, we can up our intake with lots of lovely foods.

So, in lieu of the summer sun, get your fill of vitamin D with our nutritious food finds!


Fried, poached or scrabbled: eggs are a potent source of vitamin D as well as protein, essential amino acids, choline and sulphur. What’s not to like?

Vitamin D Eggs


Time to stock up at the fish counter: half a fillet of salmon provides more than double the amount of vitamin D you need in a day.

Vitamin D Salmon

Tinned Tuna

On a budget? Pick up a tin of tuna or sardines for a healthy dose of vitamin D.

Vitamin D Tinned Tuna

Portobello Mushrooms

Much higher in vitamin D compared to white varieties, add portobello or shiitake mushrooms to your diet for an instant vitamin boost.

Vitamin D Portobello Mushrooms

Next up is our pick of delicious, nutritious, vitamin D-rich recipes to liven up winter meals.

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