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2015 – The Weirdest Diet Trends Yet?!

We’ve banished carbs, gone gluten-free and eaten like our cavemen ancestors… but there are more weird and wacky diet trends ahead.

Brace yourselves, as things are set to get significantly stranger this year…

The Detox: Charcoal Cleansing


Not just for your summer BBQ, charcoal is 2015’s detox de jour. Loved by celebs and trendsetters alike, activated charcoal clings to toxins and other unwanted compounds, helping to remove them from the body. Thankfully, it’s available in supplement form for those who don’t fancy making a meal of it.

Activated Charcoal

The Drink: Bulletproof Coffee


How do you take your coffee? With butter and oil? Possibly not, although chances are, you may have indulged by the end of the year. A blend of coffee, butter and MCT oil, this year’s trendiest hot drink claims to increase energy and keep you fuller for longer.

Bulletproof Coffee

The Procedure: Ear Stapling


Only for the brave, ear stapling is a less extreme take on stomach stapling. The procedure involves the insertion of a staple into the inner cartilage of the ear, which targets a pressure point thought to suppress appetite. Definitely interesting?


The Website: Dietbetter

Lacking in willpower when it comes to sticking to your diet? Then this one could be right up your street. Dieters in their droves have been logging on to to compete for weight loss supremacy and a bigger bank balance - no cheats allowed.

Pumpkin Power

The Diet:  Mono Meals


Not one for the easily bored, the mono diet involves restricting yourself to a single food per meal. Unfortunately though, this meal has to be fruit or veg - which puts paid to delicious dreams of devouring pizza morning, noon and night.

Mono Meals Diet Trend

If these trends are to be believed, our taste buds are in for a wild ride over the next 12 months. Are you willing to be a guinea pig?!

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