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10 Steps to a Perfect Summer Kids Party

Big birthday party plans for your little one? Before you go completely wild, check out our top top ten party tips that will guarantee his or her birthday party goes off without a hitch!

Plan, plan and plan some more

It sounds silly, but the more planning and preparation you can do the better. We usually like to give kids party planning a three week minimum head start. You’ll need to think about what food the kids will be eating, what party games they will play and what to give each child that comes.

Think about buying party items three weeks in advance, and store them in an easy-to-access tub, for when the day gets closer.


If you choose to serve food, keep your options simple. Bitesize snacks like pizza or sandwiches work well – and can be easily jazzed up by using cutters to create fun shapes. Also check with parents for any food allergies, its always a safe bet to avoid anything containing nuts, just to be sure.


Throwing your party at home is an excellent cost-saving idea – just make sure you child-proof any areas around the home that you don’t want including in the ‘fun and games’. With warmer weather finally making an appearance throwing your party outdoors makes perfect sense – just make sure everyone tops up on sunscreen throughout the party.


Send invitations no later than three weeks before the party, this allows parents enough time to organise among themselves.

If you’ve themed the party why not continue the theme in the invitations too? There are some great free and pay-for websites that offer the option of printing at home, here’s some of our favourites: Netmums, Einvite, Kidzpage.


Sometimes the old ones are still the best – especially for younger guests.

Musical chairs and pin the tail on the donkey work brilliantly for under fours – as they might be experiencing them for the first time. Alternatively, theme a treasure hunt around your party theme – hiding items and clues around the garden/house.


Big isn’t neccassirly better, especially if your little one is on the young side. Keep a list of all your invited guests, their RSVPs and any special requirements.

Most party planners recommend that the number of guests should be the age of your child plus one. If you’re planning on playing party games you should also try and hit even numbers – to ensure no one gets left out of the fun.

Involve them in the big day

Sounds simple, but letting your child help with the planning will get them excited and build the day up. It will also avoid any disappointment if they don’t like the theme.

Write down a few suggestions that you’re prepared to invest in and let them choose a theme from the list.


Saturday parties usually work better for younger children – as it also means family can attend too. Slightly older children might prefer an after school party (if you can manage it), plus it won’t clash with any Saturday clubs etc. If you’re only planning on serving cake try and have your party two hours before or one hour after dinner time – this way guests wont arrive or leave hungry.

Best friends

You’d never dream of having your own birthday without your best friend and your child will be the same. Ensure they can attend the day before you go ahead with bookings and invitations.

Present opening

Opening presents once everyone has left has numerous benefits. It helps avoid any awkward situations with unwanted gifts and also create a wonderful end to the day. Ask him or her why they liked a particular present and include it in any thank you notes afterwards for friends and family.

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