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Shef Fat-Free Hot Air Popcorn Maker / Popcorn Machine

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  • Enjoy home-made popcorn in your own home!

  • Create your own flavours of popcorn! From Sweet & Buttery all the way to Parmesan Cheese & Bacon. Or create healthier flavours by using herbs & spices

  • Operates through hot-air circulation, which requires no oil or fats, making your popcorn fat free & a great source of fibre

  • Easy to use. Lid doubles up as a butter melting cup

  • Cool-Touch housing. Measuring spoon included


Whether it's snacking with a film on, or as a healthy snack, popcorn is always a tasty treat. Our Shef popcorn maker does not require the addition of oil, so the popcorn it produces is virtually fat free, and an excellent source of fibre. The hot-air circulation system eliminates the need to use butter or oil, reducing the calorie content.

With the Shef popcorn maker, popping your own corn kernels couldn't be simpler. Just a single scoop of kernels in the included measuring cup is enough to make a batch of delicious popcorn which you can flavour however you like. You can sprinkle with salt or sugar, or melt butter in the measuring pot at the top of the device while it is switched on and drizzle over the warm popcorn.

Flavourings don't have to be this simple however. You can let your imagination run wild with ingredients such as chocolate, marshmallows, maple syrup, vanilla, or lime juice, you can even experiment with savoury ingredients like herbs and spices, finely ground parmesan cheese or bacon!
Cool-touch housing
Measuring spoon included
Power: 1200W

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